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A state of the art multi million pound production line automatically turning components into finished, tested products with 100% traceability.

We have recently installed the production line for the new US Military Gas Mask Filter. This is a state of the art, top specification, manufacturing facility where every process is monitored and measurements are taken. All this information is stored in a database so that all the manufacturing parameters of every single product is stored giving 100% traceability for the lifetime of the product. This line was built in the UK then stripped down and comissioned in the USA.


Technologies used include:

Hydraulic punching
Laser Barcoding
Ultrasonic Welding
Laser Measurement
Vision System Inspection
Carbon Filling (patented new process)
Bowl Feeding of Components
Robotic Polyurethane Dispensing
Flow Test Measurement
Pressure Measurement
Efficiency Measurement
Laser Etching
Database Management
Distributed Control


A new method of filling filters with carbon was specifically developed by us for this project. Please contact us to see if we can develop your process and provide its automation. We have developed new processes across many industries.



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