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As each machine design is specific to the needs of the individual customer, a detailed consultancy process is undergone. G&E consult with the customer to assess their needs, taking into account the constraints of time and quality. G&E will then have enough information to make a preliminary proposal.







Information gained from preliminary discussions enables the designers at G&E to make decisions on the direction the machine design will take. The overall design is broken down into relevant subsections, allowing detailed analysis of its needs. Depending on the complexity, design sketches, CAD drawings or 3D CAD models are made to aid visualisation of the proposal. With the aid of these visualisation tools and further discussion with the client, the proposal is further refined to a point where a formal quotation is made.



The quotation is detailed with the specifications of the machine as proposed by G&E with a full description of the method of working.


Project Management

As part of the quotation process a preliminary project management plan is designed. If the order is received, this is expanded into a full project plan allowing the timed delivery of components ensuring the least possible lead-time for the project. This plan is amended as necessary as the project progresses to ensure the best possible delivery.









On receiving the order, work starts on the design of the machine. Depending on its scale, this may be done by an individual or broken down into sections to be worked on by a team. State of the art Computer Aided Design software and techniques are used to ensure design changes are made in a controlled manner. After completing the overall design individual components are detailed and sent for manufacture.



To minimise production lead-time, the majority of manufactured parts are subcontracted to specialist engineering companies. This allows G&E to spread work over a number of selected companies thereby reducing the overall manufacturing time.






Proprietary Items

As part of its continuing effort to innovate and design specialist machines, G&E use Suppliers who have a reputation for state of the art equipment and technical expertise. Although G&E have preferred suppliers, if a customer has a requirement for a particular suppliers' products, these can usually be incorporated into the design.



As components are received they are quality checked and stored or issued for various coating procedures (e.g. powder coating, chemical blacking, anodising). When these items are returned the machine build starts. Where appropriate, the individual subassemblies are assembled independent of the main machine and then brought together to form a mechanically complete machine. Electrical wiring and pneumatic piping then commences.






Prior to electrical commissioning the control software is prepared. The majority of G&E machines use state of the art PLC control and with windows integrated software the time to program our machines is greatly reduced. Many of our machines use touch-screen man-machine interfaces, which allow easy tailoring of the operator interface. PC control and SCADA systems may also be used depending upon the clients requirements.


Depending upon machine size the majority of machines are commissioned on G&E premises. This allows us to fully check the integration of all systems and perform tests to check that the machine is fit for purpose. This allows the customer to inspect the machine before dispatch. It is inherent in the design of some machines that they cannot be fully commissioned at G&E. In this event G&E will perform all checks and test that are possible before the machine is dispatched





On-site commissioning

Machines which require on-site commissioning are delivered to the customer and assembled by G&E personnel. This ensures the correct assembly and connection af all component parts. After assembly, a full system check ensures the correct operation of the machine. Some machines (particularly those of a continuous process nature) sometimes require on-site modifications and G&E engineers will commission the machine to a full process line speed, solving any technical problems that may arise.


All G&E machinery is supplied with full technical and training documentation, including parts lists, servicing schedules, programming data and wiring diagrams. For larger machines where on-site commissioning and modification has taken place, documentation is updated to an 'as commissioned' format.






Either during commissioning or after commissioning, training of operators and technical staff takes place. Support staff are trained in maintenance procedures and operating staff are trained in correct production techniques.

Full After Sales Service

We also offer service contracts for our machinery. This ensures that all maintenance is carried out in the correct manner, preventing downtime and consequent loss of production.


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