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High Speed Medical Filter Element Production.

Producing 1 filter element every two seconds, this machine uses blade pleating technology to create very crisp pleats. Spacing of the pleats is then achieved using mini-pleat adhesive application. Each element is then cut to the correct size and 100% vision inspected with any elements not meeting a very tight tolerance being rejected.


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filter machinery

Filter Machinery .

We have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the filter industry and have produced single station machines up to full production lines. Specialist processes have also been developed to produce new manufacturing methods. From filters for Dyson vacuum, cleaners, medical filters and military filters, we have designed and built the machinery to produce them in the most efficient manner.ss

Product Development, Consultancy and Project Management .

We can advise on design for manufacture, process control and help develop your product for its most efficient path to market .

filter machinery

pleating machinery


From basic pleat erection systems taking material from a blade pleater to fully adjustable pleat heights and pack sizes. read more

  snowstorm filler  

Snowstorm Carbon Filling.

From basic snowstorm fillers to shaped fillers. We believe we are the first people to snowstorm fill a rectangular filter . read more

vibratory carbon filling

Vibratory Carbon Filling.

Developed to fill carbon filters with curved profiles. Snowstorm filling will not work and only gives 16-18% compaction. Our method gives 18-21% with corresponding increases in performance. read more

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic Welding..

Ultrasonic assembly machines for all aspects of filter manufacture. We have a close working relationship with ultrasonic companies and can advise on product design for most efficient assembly . read more

robotic dispense

Adhesive/Polyurethane Dispensing.

From simple, two axis machines for edge sealing to multi axis 3D profiling we have integrated hot-melt and polyurethane dispensing systems to seal all conceivable product types. read more


Centrifugal Sealing .

Used by major manufacturers for high volume sealing of circular filters, these machines have proved extremely reliable and are very popular. To date, 15 have been produced and are in production worldwide . read more

flow testing

Flow Testing.

Either standalone or in process flow measurement equipment can be used to determine if your filters are up to performance. This data can be used for pass/fail decisions or recorded to databases for full product histories . read more

pressure test

Pressure/Leak Testing.

Normally used to test the efficiency of a sealing system, this data can be fed back into control systems to ensure that your production process runs efficiently. read more

Efficiency Testing

Efficiency Testing.

Both Sodium Chloride and PAO testers are used to check the final efficiency of filters before they are despatched. Again, all this information can be recorded for 100% product traceability. read more

batch printing

Batching and Printing.

Mainly used in the medical filter industry to date and batch filters, we can also place barcodes and company logos on each component . read more

  laser marking  

Laser Etching.

Mainly used to apply serial numbers and barcodes hard etched into the product, we can also add company logos etc . read more

Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection.

Used to take operator inspection out of the system, we can provide vision recognition and inspection systems that can automatically reject inferior products . read more


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