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Adhesive/Polyurethane Dispensing.

From simple two axis machines up to six axis robotic application we can dispense any material such as cyanoacrylate, polyurethane and hot-melt adhesives to virtually any shape.

The example shown is a three axis hot-melt applicator for square and rectangular panel filters. A simple menu system allows the programming of various filter sizes from the touch screen so that the machine can be changed from one product to another by the operator at the touch of a button.

A variation of this machine is for two linked machines. One to seal the filter element into the casing with hot-melt or polyurethane, and another to apply a foamed polyurethane seal for sealing the filter to the appliance.

At the top end of this type of process is a six axis robotic dispensing system with velocity feedback to the dispensing system to ensure highly accurate dosing of the dispensed material to produce consistent beads through compound curves and other complicated shapes .

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