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Pleating Machines.

We can make a pleater to suit your individual requirements. The pleater shown is a 300mm wide 21mm fixed height, high speed rotary pleater for high volume production of one particular filter (Dyson vacuum cleaners).

Many other options are available with variable pleat heights from 8mm to 200mm. Our standard variable height pleater pleats in the range of 20-150mm but special adaptions may be made to cope with other pleat heights. Adhesive can be 'stitched' reducing the overall amount of adhesive used by as much as 50%. Pleat pack sizes can be programmed in to produce ready made packs of a particular size.

We also produce pleat erection machines which take already pleated material from machines such as a blade pleater and apply hot melt adhesive and re-erect the pleats into pleat packs. Adhesive stitching and programmable pack sizes are also options available.

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