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Conformal Filter

Pleat heights from 17-150mm with glue stitching, menu driven control, product database and many other novel features.



Unwind Section

Powered unwind with 75mm airshaft, catenary roller with PID control to ensure constant web speed and tension, powered reel lift for single operator loading.

Splicing Section

Twin clamp bars and slitting table allow splicing of material, negating the need to re-thread the machine on each reel change.

Perforating/Slitting Section

Modular slitting/perforating blades may be fitted to your specification.

Bespoke Machinery

Creasing Section

Servo driven rubber nip rollers feed the web through the machine, while servo driven creasing rollers with twin blade profiles crease the material at appropriate distances for the pleat height required. The twin blades give a ‘square’ section to the crease giving a much crisper crease and causing less damage to the material when folded. Dial indicators allow very precise adjustmentof the amount of crease imparted to the material.

Gluing Section

Two standard glue manifolds with nozzles at 28mm centres,(this can be altered to suit customer requirements), apply adhesive to the top and bottom of the web. These nozzles are independently switched allowing different glue patterns to be selected. Four independent glue nozzles are used to apply independent side seal beads at any position, allowing infinite adjustability over the width of the web. Stitching patterns and pack seperations can be selected to save adhesive and make pack cutting easier. The glue manifolds are mounted on a rail system, allowing them to be moved along the machine, finely regulating the adhesive temperature at the pleat erection section. Position feedback ensures the stitching patterns follow the position of the glue heads. Web speed is also fed to the glue pumping system to ensure constant glue delivery for any given web speed.

Pleat Erection Section

Magazines with drive belts are used as a nip to draw the material through the machine. These are pneumatically operated so that they may be individually selected for different web widths and glue patterns. The outfeed conveyor is mechanically linked to the pleat erection section and ‘nods’ up and down, ensuring that the pleated pack is always at 90 degrees to the web being fed. This ensures very straight, vertical pleats throughout the pleat height range.

Outfeed Section

Servo driven outfeed conveyors draw the pack away from the pleat erection system at a rate specified by the pitch of the pack required, this is fully adjustable from the control system. Small conveyors at the nose of the conveyor may be moved to allow different glue paths. The main conveyor consists of rubber coated belts to ensure the pack stays in place while the tail end conveyor is a full width reinforced belt to allow cutting of packs.

Control System

Two touch screens allow the machine to be run from either side. A full menu system allows the operator full control af all the machine elements, meaning that there are no manual settings for the operator. A full product database allows the operator to recall the settings for a previous product and set the machine for a new product at the touch of a button.



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