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Window Frame Production Line .

Custom designed for Magnet Joinery, this machine forms part of a complete production line for windows, comprising an automated joint gluing machine, fully automated sash cramp and the Combined Furniture Pre-drill, Hinge Pre-drill and Hinge Placement Machine

Automatically set, via a colour touch screen, either from a preset menu for the most popular sizes or from a custom menu, the machine will set to accommodate the relevant size of window. The conveyor rails will open to the required width to accept the window and the furniture pre-drills move on linear rails to the required positions. Stop positions for the hinge predrill and hinge placement stations are activated and the machine is then ready for operation. All this takes less than 15 seconds.

The line that this machine replaced had a set up time of 3-4 hours, meaning that long production runs were required to be cost effective. This also had the consequence of requiring a large amount of warehousing to accomodate the product from these large production runs. By investing in this new line, production changed from batch production to 'Just in Time' single products with the added benefit of removing the requirement for warehousing and storage

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window assembly

Combined Furniture Pre-drill, Hinge Pre-drill and Hinge Placement Machine.

Using bowk feed and magasine feed technology with servo driven setting to ensure fast changeover. read more

  sash cramp  

Fully Automatic Sash Cramp and Pinning Machine.

Servo driven setting and actuation for fast cycle times and universal setting. read more


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